Current projects

I spent 3 months in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. I had a wonderful experience, developing and performing Absurd Journey, teaching contemporary dance improvisation, researching and performing with an amazing group of people and learning kuchipudi and kalaripayattu. I am now in Paris and hard at work on my next projects:

  • inner peace project (temporary title): a movement and music installation and performance about inner peace. I aim to share a state of inner peace and silence with the audience, using movement, performance and music as a medium. The movement will be inspired by my own contemporary vocabulary and the little I know from kuchipudi and kalari. The performance will revolve around ritual objects that have a personal meaning and a video installation. The music will be traditional dhrupad singing with tanpura, one of the oldest forms of Hindustani classical music. This project will have different incarnations as  gallery installations and stage performances.
  • Tuiles à Frazé (temporary title): a site specific installation in the beautiful country side town of Frazé, France. It will take place in and around a building that was used to make roof tiles for the local village.
  • Visual columns: a choreographed dance piece drawing inspiration from neuroscience. I will use seminal research on the visual cortex from the 1960s to devise movement and structures inspired from the experiments Hubel and Wiesel did on the visual cortex of cats.

If all or some of these projects resonate with you, just talk to me! I am looking for support and collaborators.

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