La femme qui cherchait l’infini

The woman who seeks infinity

Travel through the French region of “le Perche” in this story told with words, dance and music. A danser-storyteller shows you the very first journey of a woman seeking happiness and infinity. Discover the main places of le Perche and its folklore with liberated dance, sparkling vocals and rumbling percussions. The artist takes you through fields, forests and stars in the poetry of the present.
This performance offers different levels of understanding adapted to children from 6 years old onward and to adults, using a contemporary aesthetic.  In depth and without weight, let yourselves dream on.

The performance was initially developed with live music, singing and percussions, with three artists on stage. It is from now on only offered as a solo with Lucile Belliveau interpreting the dance, the interactive storytelling and a few songs on stage, the rest of the music being broadcast from a recording of the two musicians.

A collaboration between Compagnie Catastroflux and the improvisation group Les Voix du Pollen. With Lucile Belliveau (original idea, danse, story), Gérard Hababou (drum set, percussions, stage design) and Blandine Jeanson-Chérubin (vocals, electroacoustic sounds).

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Première :  10 février 2019, salles des fêtes de Frazé (28160).
Photography : Emman and Laurence Belliveau.

Partners : Festival Tout Feu Tout Flamme, Association Frazz’art.
Help to local associations : Mairie de Frazé.