La folle écoute

I, a clown, meet a tree. The game: listen to them and then transcribe their words through my body and my voice. I listen to them deeply, sincerely. I dance, I sing, I cry, I get angry, I give a speech, I juggle, I spread shirts on the ground, I dump a bucket of water on my head, I crawl under dead leaves,…

This is a ritual that you are free to interpret. A joke ?  The truth ?

I, creator, director, shaman, adapt the show to each tree I encounter. I let them tell me what actions to carry out in the ritual that we are going to experience. I let myself be carried by the clown’s sensitivity to go through his proposals. I only know in advance where to start and where to end.

Show being chewed, 2023. // Ending music: “Free”, Highlight Tribe. // Thanks to Bérangère Lacaze for the profound stupidity. // Thanks to Emmanuelle Affergan for her insight.// Photos: Flo.