Compagnie Fructus Soma, forest of Fontainebleau
I had the pleasure of collaborating with the Compagnie Fructus Soma to create a performance in the forest of Fontainebleau.
“First, immerse onself in the forest, tip into another space where everything is intensely alive and connected. Walk and then stop, rest. Take this time.
Then connect more in depth with the environment, to oneself and to the others. Relax. Welcome our sensations. Support ourselves on this wonderful environment. We are now available to experiment different ways of puting ourselves in motion. Each of us brings movement material and suggestions to try in this space. We want to give shape to site specific performances that are regularly shared with an audience.”
Description of the project by the Cie Fructus Soma

Performance in the forest of Fontainebleau, France // Septembre 30th, 2018 // Concept and organization : Julia Dondzilo et Veronique Ray // Co-creation and performance : Etienne, Julia, Kaori, Liane, Lucile, Madeleine, Véronique // Music : Blandine Jeanson // Photography : Laurence Belliveau.

Les voix du pollen
I have joined the improvisation group Les voix du pollen in Paris. We are improvising together to create landscapes of sound and movement, inspired by European and Oriental traditions.

Peformance at Frichez nous la paix, Paris, France // March 2nd 2018 //  Percussion: Gérard Hababou, Bass guitar: Laurent Olive, Vocals: Blandine Jeanson-Chérubin, Dance: Lucile Belliveau.

Shambhavi School of Dance Annual Day
The kuchipudi performance of Shambhavi School of Dance, choreographed and led by Vyjayanthi Kashi. I had the privilege to study this ancient dance form with her for one month at her school and home in Bangalore. I participated in this performance where the students from the school’s 3 branches could present selected items. I presented the first item, Poorvaranga vidhi, which has the function of blessing the stage and preparing the audience and the space for dancing.

Performance at ADA ranga mandira, Bangalore, India // November 27th 2017 //
Choreography: Vyjayanthi Kashi. // Assistants: Prateeksha Kashi, Guru Raju. // Performers: students of Shambhavi School of Dance.

Live Art Room – Live On Impulse
A collaborative project combining a live art installation about clothing and how it changes our perception of others and ourselves and a fast paced improvised dance performance.

Performance at Shoonya, Bangalore, India // October 29th 2017 //
Concept and facilitation: Rahl Goswami. // Music: Lional Lishoy. // Performers and collaborators: Lucile Belliveau, Niranjan Harish,  Lional Lishoy, Pooja Parlesha, Janhavii Phatak, Vinduja Sanal Kumar,  Sahiba Singh,Tanushree Singh, and Yashu.

A collaborative project developed at the innovative artistic space Meeraqi for their first Converge Festival. We worked as a team with 6 leaders and 13 performers in total to develop improvisation scores within a structured piece accessible to all audiences.

Performance at Meeraqi, Bangalore, India // October 28th 2018 //
Research and performance:  Lucile Belliveau, Rahul Goswami, Niranjan Harish, Atul Kumar, Lional Lishoy, Sahiba Singh.  // Additional performers: Aambareesh Durai, Puneet Gupta, Vinduja Sanal Kumar, Tanushree Singh, Yashu. //  Music: Lional Lishoy. // Photo: Sudeep Bhattacharya.

Live Art Room
A collaborative project led by Rahul Goswami leading to a live art performance in an experimental gallery space in Bangalore. We worked on how the clothing we wear influences how others perceive us and our own self-judgment and internal state.

Performance at Atta Galatta, Bangalore, India // October 21st 2017 //
Concept and facilitation: Rahl Goswami. // Music: Lional Lishoy. // Performers and collaborators: Lucile Belliveau, Pooja Parlesha, Janhavii Phatak, Vinduja Sanal Kumar and Yashu. // Video: Tanya.

A performance project led by Mehdi Farajpour and assisted by members of his company Orian Theatre. We explored the concepts of empty body, movements of waiting and spatial composition.

META // Final Performance of PSA 2017, Micadanse, August 2017 // A Dance Installation with 18 dancers & performers by Mehdi FARAJPOUR // on Music for 18 musicians by Steve REICH // Assistants to the director: Neus Canalias Avila & Antonio Izquierdo Martinez // Dancers-Performers: Oscar Cheong Cho Seng, Jane Hamor, Jennifer Schecker, Margo De Smet, Jason Yap Kean Beng, Natalie Tin Yin Gan, Merve Ceyhan, Chiara Marcassa, Charlotte Bousi, Vlada Malaeva, Duarte Bénard, Norhaizad Adam, Annabelle Laik, Inga Galinytė, Sarah Rees, Helena Scheungrab, Lucie Belliveau, Isaac Espinoza Hidrobo // Special thanks to: Caroline Corme, Victoria Fattahi, Zanicca Soledad Yuan Xi & Antoine del Pozo.

Performance Lab, live events am Gasteig
A research and performance project led by Mia Lawrence, culminating in 6 days of site specific performances in Gasteig, Munich, Germany as part of the Dance festival in May 2017.
Full description of the project (English and German).

The research took place over a period of 3 months where the performance group practiced dynamic and sitting meditation daily, yoga and learned Vedanta philosophy. We were mentored to have full awareness of our bodies and of the space and to produce honest movements from internal impulses.

Performances at Gasteig, Munich, Germany // May 2017 //
Concept and facilitation: Mia Lawrence. // Scores: Tobias Draeger, Stefan Dreher, Stephan Herwig, Ludger Lamers, Katja Wachter, Mia Lawrence. // Performance: Katrina Bastian, Lucille Belliveau, Yin Cheng, Armando Disantro, Patscharaporn Distakul, María Casares González, Daphna Horenczyk, Alicia Kidman, Kathrin Knöpfle, Rafal Pierzyński. // Costumes: Maya Michalski. // Photo Credit: Laurence Belliveau.

Arte VS Ideales
An adaptation of a theater piece ‘Cuarteto’ by the Argentinian author Eduardo Rovner, with the hispanophone theater company Esquina Al Sur.  The director Carmen Aparici Sendra and the four performers adapted the play by replacing the majority of textual dialogues by communication through music and movement. I performed as an egocentric and playful dancer and double bass player.
Full description (Spanish and German).

Performances at Rational Theater and Theater Und So Fort // February, May and June 2016 //
Direction: Carmen M. Aparici Sendra. // Performance: Yamilé Cruz Montero (piano), Lucile Belliveau (double bass and dance), Claudia Parra-Weitzman (dance), Carolina León (acting), Ignacio Acosta (acting), Belén Álvarez (acting). // Technique and video: Thomas Hain. // Scenography: Markus Katzenbogner. // Graphics: Josep M. Ferrero. // Production assistant: Álvaro Copeau. // Photography: Mario Steigerwald.