Peau d’écorce

Teaser of our performance “Peau d’écorce” :


An ambulatory performance in natural spaces, sensitive, light and contemplative. It explores our complex relationship with flora and fauna. Around acrobatic lifts, danced movements and other types of speech, let’s stop for a moment to inhabit these magical landscapes of our senses.

It moves, it’s never really the same!
Listen to the green slope, climb a still fresh stump. My skin on the bark, my nose  smelling the wind. Lifting each other, making a spider, acrobatics on rocks, digging my burrow. Aquatic rolls until we become hysterical.
You feel me and I’m waiting for you, the duo learns to come to life in the environment.

A performance by Compagnie La Mue

Past dates :
Performance at l’Espace de la Mu, Viala-du-Tarn (12), 28th of may 2023
Inclusive dance-hike, co-organized with association Buen’Aventure, Recoubeau (26), 16th of septembre 2023
Performance in the jardin artistique de Bernard Cotte, Maissenas (38), 13th and 17th of septembre 2023


End of residency showing, Boulc, May 2022
Inclusive dance-hike, co-organized with the association Buen’Aventure, September 2022
Performance in the forest of Varaime, co-organized with Patrice Weiss, September 2022

Dance, Choreography, Concept: Lucile Belliveau & Kostia Cerda // Music: Lucile Belliveau // Photo: KMK