À l’heure où scintille la tuile

Especially commissioned by the festival “Frazz’art en scène” in the beautiful village of Frazé in Eure-et-Loir, France, we created a poetic and off-beat performance around the tile. We inhabited a historical site where the tiles for the village castle’s roof were produced. We drew inspiration freely from our surroundings and from the historical methods of tile manufacture to create a site-specific piece.

During a whole afternoon, peculiar characters busied themselves in the pit of the tile-making oven. In the shadow of subterranean tentacles, tiles dripped to the river Foussarde, and droplets sung in schools accompanied by rigorous pendulum motion… From the historical furnace, the tiles were uprooted, distilled and chanted. Will they be ready for the journey?

Then came the time of the tilistic epic, a joyous and auspicious ambulatory performance! The audience could observe villains bickering, nymphs bathing in quick water, intriguing statues dancing and many other fantastical scenes. On their way, they heard evocative soundscapes, a baroque ode to the tile and true tilistic hits intoned in chorus and in merry dancing.

Catastroflux production
Concept : Lucile Belliveau and Floriane Dardard.
Choreography, movement, logistics : Lucile Belliveau.
Composition, music, texts : Floriane Dardard.
Performance and co-creation : Antoine, Clara, Eve, Floriane, Giulia, Luca, Lucile, Murièle, Nathalie, Safia, Simon, Xavier.
Photography : Laurence Belliveau.