Performance Art

A new version of myself (work in progress)
I invented a new version of myself, it does nothing and it is perfeclty happy with that. Sometimes it watches the world go by with an amused eye, sometimes it loses itself in its own dreams. It understands, it knows, it’s OK, we’re OK…

Can I embody this new version of myself? Can I just be, and be alive, on stage and nothing more? Is adding movement helping to convey a message to the audience, or does it come from a desire to do or to entertain?

Rehearsal at Cent-Quatre Paris, August 2017.

Make a choice
In this immersive one-on-one work, the audience is presented with a choice: will you violate my numerical privacy by going through my unlocked phone and computer? Will you entertain yourself by playing a simple game on a tablet? Or will you try to connect with the human being sitting on the other side of the table, waiting for you with eyes, heart and palms open?

Performance at Paris Summer Academy 2017, August 2017, facilitated by Mehdi Farajpour and Francesco Kiais.
Photo credit: Rafael Alvarez